Bodywork for Babies

Serving Oakland, California & Asheville, North Carolina

Skilled Therapeutic Touch

 Supports Healthy Development

Anna Whalen is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, an Infant Developmental Movement Educator, and a Prenatal and Birth Therapist who specializes in working with infants and children. Her expert skills support babies to optimize  healthy development, digestion, breastfeeding, and birth recovery. Anna's approach is gentle, precise, and delicately attuned to each infant.



Bodywork for Babies can be beneficial for the following:

  • Integrating the birth process

  • Enhancing bonding and attachment with primary caregivers

  • Improving digestion

  • Easing breastfeeding challenges and facilitating comfortable and effective nursing

  • Preparing for tongue tie revision and recovering after the procedure

  • Supporting a foundation of healthy movement patterns

Private sessions are offered at Oakland Birth & Wellness and are also available in home visits.


"Anna is the ultimate baby whisperer."

-Amanda P.